PiTouch Unboxing

Stayed in the city for dinner with a visiting buddy last Wednesday, so I arrived home late to find an unexpected surprise! A package from a crowdfunded project! 3 days early (thank you DHL, although only mine appears to have delivered early)
a closed small rectangular shipping box completely sealed in yellow packing tape

This is a PiTouch, a project I found on Indiegogo last fall which brings sound and a usb hub on a 10.1" touchscreen for the Raspberry Pi single board computer or other devices with an HDMI display including Mac and PC.

Ripping right into the package, I find a nested pack of bubble wrapped goodness
an open small rectangular shipping box covered in yellow packing tape, visible inside are bubble wrapped contents secured with a strip of yellow packing tape

Inside that pack of wrap I discover 4 items:
a red plastic rectangle, a white foam plastic rectangle, a black infrared remote control in a plastic bag, a bundle of cables with visible end covers wrapped in a plastic bag

  • The display wrapped in bubble wrap
  • A PiTouch branded IR Remote
  • A Raspberry Pi Case (optional) in foam plastic
  • A bag of cables

Working backwards, we see the cables include:

5 cables: a power transformer, a US appliance cord, a USB-A male to USB-mini male cable adaptor, a short 90-degree HDMI cable, a longer HDMI Cable

  • A Power transformer
  • A US appliance cord
  • A USB-A(M) to USB-mini(M) cable
  • Two HDMI Cables
    • A short cable with a 90 degree angle
    • A longer, standard HDMI cable

The Raspberry Pi case comes attached to a duplicate leg for the display.
a clear plastic case attached to black plastic

Due to logistics of air frieght with batteries, we knew the remote was going to arrive without batteries.

And finally, the year long awaited unveiling of the display itself:
a black electronic device partially unwrapped from white foam padding

TADA! The front:
A black rectangular LCD display

and the back of the PiTouch display:
a closeup of the back of the PiTouch display pannel with multiple inputs

Left to right those are:

  • Two usb full size ports rated for 0.5A on the side
  • One usb full size port rated for 1.5A on the back
  • A mini usb port that is the host port of the built in hub
  • a 2A-5A DC power input
  • A switch to enable power to the device connected via the 'To PC USB' port
  • The kickstand
  • Composite Video In (security system, backup camera, etc)
  • Two HDMI ports

side view of black display with blue buttons and clear kickstand case attached

The two 0.5A rated usb ports on the left are visible here from the edge view. In the center, the single blue power button and LED that are 'off', 'red':standby, 'blue':on. The four blue buttons on the bottom manage the On Screen Display.

Unfortunately...Danger Will Robinson! There was some mixup in the included power supply bundle.
picture of mismatched power cords. 2-pin appliance cable that does not fit the 3-pin transformer

Mission is aborted for this evening!

unboxing continues in the next post