Hello PiTouch!

Welcome to the ongoing PiTouch Unboxing.

In this installment, we go from zero to interesting in the shortest path possible.

Our next adventure begins on the KivyPie Download page, a bootable Raspberry Pi image with the Kivy touch development environment pre-installed.

Screenshot of the KivyPie project download page

  • Download the KivyPie image
  • Confirm the MD5 hash of the zip
  • Unzip the image
  • Write the image to SDCard
  • Put the SDCard in the Raspberry Pi
  • Power up the Pi by flipping the USB Backdrive switch
  • Login (with a keyboard or over ssh to 'sysop@kivypie' or 'sysop@kivypie.local) with password 'posys'

Screenshot of list of files in the kivypie image

Inside the sysop users home directory are a couple projects ready to run, however our focus is on a project inside the kivy examples archive.

  • unzip kivy-1.8.0.zip
  • cd kivy-1.8.0/examples/gestures
  • start the gesture_board.py app "python gesture_board.py"

Screenshot of the list of examples in the Kivy project archive and the list of files in the gestures project

Enjoy up to 4 finger goodness!

Photograph showing finger tracing on a PiTouch